Via the conduit of the Seoul Future Conference, the Seoul Shinmun ardently endeavors to provide discerning insights into the momentous queries encompassing human intelligence, artificial intelligence, technology, and the auspicious direction that beckons us forth.

The Seoul Shinmun aims to suggest complex solutions for future issues in this era of change and innovation through the 「Seoul Future Conference」.
Lectures and discussions by top scholars from all over the world at the Seoul Future Conference bring up a meaningful topic about the development of future technologies.

In 2016, we reviewed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a global trend, and checked the current state of technological development in Korea and countermeasures for our industry and society.
In 2017, under the theme of 'Job and Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era,' we discussed changes in the job due to mechanization, automation and educational innovation to respond to this development.
In 2018, under the theme of ‘Beyond the Age of Connections’, we investigated how the expansion of connectivity caused by technological development affects our society and industry through an analysis of smart cities, blockchain, and big data.
In 2019, under the theme of 'The Era of Imagination, AI Asks,' we focused on how our lives would change with artificial intelligence technology and discussed collaboration between artificial intelligence and humans.
In 2020, under the theme of ‘The Digital Transformation, New Normal for Next Generation’, we discussed a new growth paradigm that will be implemented as digital technology after the coronavirus.
In 2021, under the theme of ‘Age of Hyper-Uncertainty, the Big Change’, we discussed climate change and hyper accelerated change of technology.
In 2022, under the theme of ‘Boundaryless – Adventure to Another World’, we shared the insights on life, technology, city and digital areas that will be newly explored beyond the boundaries.

A total of 100 domestic and foreign speakers and 3,000 audiences participated in the event held over the past seven years, becoming a place to reflect on the impact of technological development on the future society and to predict innovative changes in advance.

In commemoration of its 119th year, the Seoul Shinmun is going to host the 「2023 Seoul Future Conference」.This gathering aspires to elucidate the trajectory of our impending future, profoundly influenced by the advent of artificial intelligence, a creation of human ingenuity. In the current year, guided by the overarching theme <Big Question: AI+, Future, Exploration>, we are convening a distinguished assembly of preeminent experts, both domestic and international, who shall collectively deliberate upon the realms of medicine, robotics, creativity, and the profound questions concerning the human psyche and existential quandaries.

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A symbol of the Seoul Future Conference (SFC) is inspired by the human brain and its complicated and circuit-like structure. It symbolizes the SFC leveraging unlimited potential and creative ideas to touch upon various issues of tomorrow.

It also represents human fingerprints that are unique to each person, demonstrating respect for independent and different viewpoints. At the same time, fingerprints can act as a gateway. As such, the SFC would like to become a key to reveal the unknown future.

The color orange stands for the SFC as creative, bold, open-minded and forward-looking.

CEO Message

The Seoul Future Conference 2023 theme is ‘Big Question : AI+, Future, Exploration’. It is a platform where we throw questions about the future and delve into the uncharted territories of AI+ in the domains of medicine, robotics, human psychology, and creativity. In an era where we’ve encountered generative AI, humanity experiences a unique blend of transformation and upheaval; anticipation and concern; and hope and fear. We need diverse perspectives on generative AI, which will undoubtedly mark a turning point in every aspect, from industry and technology to existence and creativity.

Considering this, the Seoul Future Conference aims to gather top scholars from both domestic and international arenas, conducting lectures and dialogues to not only address profound questions about human intelligence, artificial intelligence, technology, and the betterment of humanity’s future but also to chart the course forward.

Session I will delve into the topic ‘AI+ Medicine: The Beginning of the Dream of Prolonging Life’. In an increasingly aged society, AI healthcare technology has the potential to enhance health and extend life, thereby overcoming ecological limits. We seek to explore the possibilities of utilizing artificial intelligence to enable proactive human evolution.

Session II is centered around ‘AI+ Robotics: The Birth of New Collaboration’. It will provide a concrete and specialized examination of how AI technology is being applied in industrial settings and explore the regulatory framework in place to address the rapid technological advancements. It will encompass comprehensive discussions on government and industry strategies and collaborative approaches to prepare inevitable era of massively scaled AI-based industries.

Seoul Insight revolves around the theme ‘Humans and AI+ The Boundaries of the Mind and Existence’ delving into the possibilities of AI in the realms of human psychology, philosophy, and religious aspects.

In SFC Talk, we will explore ‘AI+ Creation vs. Human Creativity’. This session will investigate how AI is practically employed in the creation process of artistic works such as music, film, literature, and visual arts. Additionally, it will address norms and regulations concerning AI-generated creations, including copyright issues.

We sincerely request your generous support.

Thank you.


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